Maintain Day One hair throughout the week

Are you getting the most out of your blowout or flat iron straightened hair? Huetiful Salon's Creative Director, Nina Christmas, provides priceless summertime tips on better maintaining your straightened hair with this digital article. Read More

When the "Pineapple" Method is most effective

Working behind the chair, I'm asked to do a lot of the same curly styles over a wide range of hair textures, lengths and density. The common question I get is, "how do I maintain my style?" I've also taken notice that clients typically reference something they've seen on YouTube or on a person whose hair is different in every possible way! Almost every time, the client references doing the pineapple method. Read More

The top natural hair blunders that I observe

I recently received a newsletter on "Top Email Blunders for Business Owners." The article got me thinking about how we often over focus on what we should to do versus what we shouldn't be doing. So - I wanted to take this idea today and introduce three of the Top Natural Hair Care Blunders that I've observed. Read More

By Ken Burkeen, Founder & CEO, Huetiful

Traveling can be a Naturalista's worst enemy. And you may have a lot of flying, in the near future, for business or with the holidays coming up. My salon Project Manager, Libryia Jones, just organized and embarked upon a four-continent, yearlong travel experience with her daughter (and 30+ others) called MyWanderYear (@wanderyear). With all the traveling going on, it got me thinking about the negative effects of air travel on natural hair and how our clients can overcome them. Read More

Getting More Out of your Hair Style

Not only can protecting your hair properly at night reduce breakage, split ends and lack of moisture, it can also help you get more days out of your hair style. Read More