Getting More Out of your Hair Style

Not only can protecting your hair properly at night reduce breakage, split ends and lack of moisture, it can also help you get more days out of your hair style.

The best way to protect your tresses at night is based on the style your currently wearing. Check out these simple easy tips for your bedtime regimen. 5-15 mins extra at night can save you hours and money at the salon.

* If your hair is pressed or straightened it's best to wrap your hair in one direction securing it with a few bobby pins. Our Creative Direct, Nina Christmas, shows you exactly how to wrap your hair in this tutorial video.

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* To maintain a curly look, whether it's a press or roller set/rod set, you can create pin curls. The size of the pin curls depends upon the tightness of a curl you desire.

* Rocking a twist/braid out, you can lightly mist your hair with a spray. Use Huetiful's Macadamia Nut Oil Leave In Conditioner and do a two strand twist or braid down your hair resetting it over night to maintain the look.

* For you ponytail/bun goers during the day, just section your hair with your fingers two strand twist using a little leave in to replenish the moisture. Despite how you choose to protect your hair, ALWAYS use a Satin or Silk scarf or bonnet to lock the moisture in your hair! If scarfs or bonnets refuse to fit secure on your head, use a satin or silk pillow case!!

Now you're ready for bed and can rest assured that your hair is protected and you are continuing to maintain a healthy head of hair!!!