The top natural hair blunders that I observe

By Ken Burkeen, Huetiful and Huetiful Salon, Founder & CEO

I recently received a newsletter on "Top Email Blunders for Business Owners." The article got me thinking about how we often over focus on what we should to do versus what we shouldn't be doing. So - I wanted to take this idea today and introduce three of the Top Natural Hair Care Blunders that I've observed.
  1. Overly focused on what's not in a product versus what is in a product. Product Marketers like to focus on what is missing versus what they're actually providing. This goes for food as well as hair care products. Just look at most hair care products and you'll see "No Parabens", "No Animal Testing", "Sulfate Free", "<Fill In The Blank> Free." While that is fantastic, we often don't stop to think about what is actually in these Free Of products. The quality of the vitamins. The amount of oil that that half used "GMO-Free Jojoba Conditioner" may have underneath your sink. While there may not be parabens, there may also be an insufficient amounts of oil to effectively moisturize your hair. So, while it is great to be free of a lot of ingredients, also look for what you're actually getting.
  2. "Style Misappropriation" (I made this term up so hang with me on this one). Some of you may have heard of cultural misappropriation. Well "style misappropriation" is when one expects their hair to do something that their natural texture or curl pattern simply won't do. We often look at an image on social media and say "that's the style that I want." However, if you don't have the same products, curl pattern, length, hair density, and/or hair health, it may be a hair style nearly impossible to achieve with great results. We see many clients who want the perfect rod set with five inches of split ends and heat damaged hair. Sometimes, figuring out the best style for your unique hair is a better, more reasonable approach.
  3. Putting more focus on what is on your hair than what you're putting in your body. The phrase "you are what you eat" is not more true when it comes to hair (and nails). Forensic scientists and drug-testing companies look at hair samples as a leading indicator of what is being consumed. That's because there is a direct correlation between what you eat and what happens to your hair. If NCIS is doing this - perhaps you should be minding your diet for healthier hair. Step up your eating game and consume the proper amounts of water, vitamins, and protein to ensure healthy hair. Then - pick the best ( Huetiful) products to use. Just realize that great products can't overcome poor diet and lifestyle.
One of my favorite sayings is, "Focus on three things and do them uncommonly well." I sincerely believe that if you focus on avoiding the three blunders above, you'll see both an improvement in your hair's health AND you'll be able to better manage your hair's health in between salon visits.