When the "Pineapple" Method is most effective

By Nicole Caldwell, Huetiful Salon (Chicago) Senior Stylist

Working behind the chair, I'm asked to do a lot of the same curly styles over a wide range of hair textures, lengths and density. The common question I get is, "how do I maintain my style?" I've also taken notice that clients typically reference something they've seen on YouTube or on a person whose hair is different in every possible way! Almost every time, the client references doing the pineapple method.

Source: @moknowshair

Generally, the pineapple method works well. However, if your hair isn't ideal for the pineapple method you're far more likely to wake up with your hair smashed into a mess of curls. So, I recommend that you use your time with me or your Huetiful Salon stylist to ask us what kind of styles work best with your specific hair length, texture, and density.

Now, without further ado, I present to you 3 things your hair needs to do the pineapple method effectively!
  1. You need to have the proper length or hair. The pineapple method on hair that is ear length or shorter in a curly style is completely ineffective. It would be safer to sleep in a bonnet and fluff, or drive to work the next day with all the windows down to get your bounce back!
  2. Not all textures are ideal for the pineapple method. I don't care if you're a 4c (super curly / coarse hair) and Keisha from down the street is a 4c as well. The fabric of your hair can still be vastly different. And so with the pineapple method, extremely course hair tends to lose style a lot quicker when it's disturbed. Whether it's a Huetiful Rod Set or a Bantu knot out, even with length the texture or "fabric" of your hair can also determine how effective the pineapple method can be.
  3. Hair Density - or the number of hair strands per square inch - matters. Density is important because it effects how you manipulate your style to get it into the pineapple. The pineapple is meant to be a quick and easy way to maintain your curls while you sleep. If you find yourself pulling and rubbing and you end up sweating, all to achieve a pineapple, more than likely you should able to maintain something curly with once again, A bonnet!!

While there are more reasons and ways why the pineapple simply isn't universally effective, these are some of the main reasons I come across on my clients at the Huetiful Salon.

I hope this helps you in your natural hair journey and helps you embrace - versus fight - with your natural curls.