Huetiful's 4 Pillars of Healthy Hair Care

In 2012, I realized that it wasn't enough to simply manufacture the Huetiful Hair Steamer. Far too many customers were using our hair steamers once a month or every other month and then going to a salon and experiencing challenges due to the processes or approaches of their stylist. So, I stepped out on a limb and opened our first Huetiful Salon in Atlanta. It was just one stylist (Nina Christmas - now our Creative Director) and a vision for how hair care should be approached. 

I started with what I considered the 4 Pillars of Healthy Hair. The video below, recorded in 2012, explains these 4 Pillars. To this day, we still focus on the 4 Pillars of Healthy Hair during every service.


3 Huetiful Solutions to Scalp Disorders

As a natural salon, having a through understanding of scalp disorders and ways to treat them is essential. Surprisingly, not every salon has a disciplined approach and not every salon is focused on innovative, natural solutions to common scalp disorders. 

Dandruff is not the same as shedding flakes
The outermost layer of the scalp, the epidermis, continually sheds and replaces dead skin cells. A natural shedding of these small skin cells is a normal human occurrence and is not the same as dandruff. Normal shedding will disappear when the hair is washed and brushed (NOTE: tell your male and female friends and family that just because they have short or no skin doesn't mean they shouldn't wash and brush just as frequently). 

Dandruff is the accumulation of large, visible clumps of scales on the scalp. This excessive production of skin cells is introduced to the scalp by the overgrowth of a fungal yeast, known as malassezia, that is a natural resident of the body. When the yeast grows out of control, dandruff or the symptoms of dandruff can occur. Factors such as stress, age, and poor hygiene can cause the fungus to multiply and dandruff symptoms to worsen so there are actually internal and external factors that induce dandruff.

2 Types of Dandruff
Type 1 - Pityriasis steroids is considered the more severe of the two types of dandruff. It is large greasy or waxy scales that are combined with sebum (our natural oil secreted by the scalp), thus causing the scales to stick to the scalp in white creamy patches. This severe dandruff may be accompanied by redness or inflammation and it is our recommendation that you go see a dermatologist for this. 

Type 2 - Pityriasis capitis simplex is considered the classic form of dandruff and we see it more often than Type 1 at Huetiful Salon. This is the dry type associated with flaking and itching. It is visible on hair and shoulders and can be easily removed with frequent use of anti-fungal dandruff shampoos or certain topical lotions. 

Internal Factors causing dandruff:
a. Poor circulation or metabolism
b. Poor nutrition
c. Stress and tension
d. Biochemical changes to the scalp

External Factors causing dandruff:
a. Lack of proper cleansing
b. High pH in water or shampoos
c. Poor scalp stimulation or lack of brushing
d. Oils or creams or product buildup that irritates the scalp

Treating and Preventing Dandruff
We've created and provide three different cleansing solutions to help address scalp disorders such as dandruff. 

1. Huetiful Clarifying Shampoo with Activated Charcoal. Available at the salon shampoo bowl right now and for retail sale at the salon beginning July 1st, our Huetiful Shampoo with Activated Charcoal is specifically formulated to safely and naturally cleanse and disinfect the scalp. Your stylist can use it upon request if you've been experiencing some of the symptoms above. 

Key Ingredient
* Activated Charcoal

Key Benefits:

* Absorbs & rinses away buildup

* Detangles

* Effectively and safely cleanses

Sizes: 8oz and 32oz

2. Apple cider vinegar as a pre-shampoo treatment cools and neutralizes the acidic base of the hair and scalp. We now carry apple cider vinegar at the salon for the instances in which we need to pre-shampoo your scalp and hair with it.

3. Tea tree oil is a very strong antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredient. Both are found on our retail shelf and at the salon's back bar for service. Your stylist will prescribe our Huetiful Sulfate-Free Shampoo (low pH) with Tea Tree Oil to help protect against dandruff and scalp disorders.

Knowledge is power. We hope this information and our home grown and natural solutions help you on your hair care journey. 


3 Benefits of Summertime Crochet Braids

3 Reasons to go with Braids
By Chi Lowe, Huetiful Salon (Atlanta), Sr. Stylist

With summer right around the corner, NOW is the time to decide which 'do is for you!!

1. It's a protective style. Obviously the big draw to braids is that it's a low- maintenance protective style!! Traveling? Busy and on the go with summer activities for you and maybe the family? Protective styles allow you to focus less on your hair and more on enjoying your summer activities. 

2. Less breakage. Braids don't necessarily help your hair grow but they can help keep it from breaking off, which allows it to flourish. There's breakage with any protective style, so one way to minimize it is not to braid it close to the scalp, which is common. Also, crochet box braids provide an opportunity for less tension because your hair is cornrowed and the pre-braided strand is added individually onto the cornrows. It's pretty dope!!

3. 6 weeks of style. What better time than summer for seasonal styles! It's an easy low-maintenance style that allows you the flexibility and versatility of wearing everything from long braids, bohemian style to a full on braided top knot or bun.