3 Benefits of Summertime Crochet Braids

3 Reasons to go with Braids
By Chi Lowe, Huetiful Salon (Atlanta), Sr. Stylist

With summer right around the corner, NOW is the time to decide which 'do is for you!!

1. It's a protective style. Obviously the big draw to braids is that it's a low- maintenance protective style!! Traveling? Busy and on the go with summer activities for you and maybe the family? Protective styles allow you to focus less on your hair and more on enjoying your summer activities. 

2. Less breakage. Braids don't necessarily help your hair grow but they can help keep it from breaking off, which allows it to flourish. There's breakage with any protective style, so one way to minimize it is not to braid it close to the scalp, which is common. Also, crochet box braids provide an opportunity for less tension because your hair is cornrowed and the pre-braided strand is added individually onto the cornrows. It's pretty dope!!

3. 6 weeks of style. What better time than summer for seasonal styles! It's an easy low-maintenance style that allows you the flexibility and versatility of wearing everything from long braids, bohemian style to a full on braided top knot or bun.


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