How untrimmed ends affect your hair styling

WRITTEN BY Crystal Boateng
Sr. Stylist, Huetiful Salon (Chicago)
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Failure to keep your ends clipped affects the detangling of your hair, the finish of your blowout and the finish of your silk press. I find that when clients refuse to clip their ends, their style is not full of life, bouncy, silky, etc. In order to achieve these things, properly clipping or trimming should be a huge part of a successful hairstyle. Example of split ends; frayed denim jeans, unmanicured nails, splintered wood, these images are what split ends look like.

20170227_120911          20170227_122655
        DAMAGED, SPLIT ENDS                         HEALTHY TRIMMED HAIR

When your ends need to be trimmed this slows down your detangling process big time. Fortunately clipping your ends is free with every service at Huetiful Salon because we care about you clipping your ends and not having to worry about paying for an extra service. Huetiful Salon charges a 25 detangling fee for seriously tangled hair regular trimming can help you avoid this service fee.

When ends need to be trimmed your hair never silks. It looks swollen or your have "flyaway" hair strands that look frizzy. 

Book a healthy hair consultation (just $15) with me or our talented stylists and let's address those split ends. We like to take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. So, we can make product and service recommendations that will PREVENT split ends from happening; not just MAINTAINING once they do split. 


FAQs for Crochet Braids

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
By Sr. Stylist, Chi Lowe, Huetiful Salon (Atlanta)

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These FAQs provide basic information to people who have little or no experience getting crochet braids. The questions has been answered using a combination of experience and research substaniated through my own personal experience.

While I've made every effort to provide good information in these FAQs, you should feel free to do additional research on any subject you disagree with.

How do I prepare my hair for an installation of crochet braids?

At Huetiful Salon we pride ourselves on giving you the best shampoo and conditioning service that includes a deep conditioning hair steam service for great hydration! If necessary, request a protein treatment or use a product with protein in it to help strengthen your hair and prepare for a long term protective style.

I am transitioning from a relaxer, can I wear crochet braids?

Yes! Crochet Braids, like any other protective hairstyle (weave or individual braids), requires braiding of your natural hair whether it's permed or not. However, you should consider the condition of your hair before you install any long term protective style and make the best decision based off the current state of your hair. Relaxing your hair can render your hair weak. Putting braids on top of fresh perm or hair in a weakened state can cause serious damage to your hair.

How many packs of hair will I need for a crochet braid hairstyle?

There are a few variables that determine how much hair you will need to purchase for an installation of crochet braids such as style, length, volume, and bulk hair choice. During your consultation we will discuss how much hair to purchase based on your style choice.

Can braiding hair be added to the cornrows?

Yes! I always add braiding hair to the cornrows to take stress off the natural hair.

Will I need a consultation before getting crochet braids installed?

A consultation is optional though highly recommended. In your consultation we will go over styling choices and hair options. At this time I can examine your hair to make sure it is healthy enough for braiding and take a mental note of what braid pattern I will use to give you your desired look.

What kind of hair do I need for crochet braids?

Synthetic or human loose bulk or braiding hair. This is hair that is not attached to a weft or track as with weaving hair.

What is the best brand of hair for crochet braids?

While I can't answer that questions with absolute certainty since every person has different standards. I can say with any protective hairstyle, the quality of hair does matter. A bad quality of hair will get you bad results. I can say there are brands of synthetic bulk hair that are more commonly used than other brands, to name a few: Freetress, Outre Batik, Model Model, Sensationnel, Femie and Janet Noir for Marley Hair.

I want crochet braids, but I don't know what style to get?

There are a variety of styles you can wear with crochet braids. Some people get overwhelmed with the selection of bulk hair options used to create a crochet braid hairstyle. If you've never had crochet braids before I recommend you do a little research online to see what other crochet braid hairstyles are most appealing to you. This approach may relieve some of the anxiety created from trying to choose a crochet braid hairstyle that best fits your features and personality. Start your search on my instagram page @chilowe_huetiful to see if you can find inspiration from any of the the styles I've created. You can also explore other hairstyle inspirations to create a crochet braid look for you. After you've had your installation of crochet braids installed you will become much more comfortable playing with different crochet braid styling options.

Will I have visible parts in my head?

No! My specific crochet braiding technique gives you a braid pattern that give you ample coverage of your cornrow base.

What kind of volume or fullness will I have with crochet braids?

You can have as much or as little volume with crochet braids as you like. We will discuss how full you want your hair in your consultation so you know how much hair to purchase. One of the benefits of having crochet braids is if you are unhappy with the volume of your hairstyle after an installation you can remove or add as much hair as you need to achieve your desired look.

How do I maintain my crochet braids?

Wear a satin scraf or bonnet to bed each night to keep hair looking fresh. Treat synthetic or human hair with a conditioning spray for human/synthetic hair to prevent tangling, dryness, and frizzing.

How do I treat my scalp and natural hair with crochet braids?

Moisturize a few times a week to prevent your scalp and natural hair from becoming excessively dry. Use a conditioning spray for human hair or you can make your own conditioning spray with different oils and water to keep your hair moisturized. Spray directly on the scalp between the parts on your cornrow base and repeat weekly.

Can I wash my hair with crochet braids?

Yes! An easy way to wash your hair with crochet braids is to use diluted shampoo and a leave in conditioner. Mix shampoo and water in a spray bottle. Spray your cleansing mixture directly on the scalp between the parts in your cornrow base. Massage your entire scalp to release any dirt and/or product build-up. Rinse hair, then spray a leave-in condition on your scalp. Finally, seal in moisture with an oil (coconut, jojoba, olive, etc.) of your choice.

How long will my crochet braid style last?

Crochet braid hairstyles last between 4 to 8 weeks or longer depending on the intricacies of your braid pattern, quality of hair installed, and your maintenance routine. Since crochet braids are a long term protective style, be mindful that your natural hair needs care as well. Leaving your hair braided longer that 8 weeks can increase breakage of your natural hair.

How do I remove my crochet braids?

The easiest way to remove crochet braids is to cut them down close to the base of the cornrows, but above where the knot is tied. Be careful not to cut the natural hair in your cornrow base. Saturate your hair with an oil of your choice (jojoba, olive oil, etc) to aid in slippage and reduce breakage of natural hair. Leave the oil in your hair for at least 30 minutes or longer so it penetrates the braiding hair and your natural hair. Unravel your cornrows, the remaining braiding hair should slip out.


Benefits of Huetiful Crochet Braids vs. Extensions

We are excited to introduce our Huetiful Crochet Braid service to Huetiful Salon. For those not familiar with crochet braids, crochet braids are a hybrid of traditional braids. They're considered to be more similar to weaves. The natural hair is twisted, braided, or styled into cornrows before affixing the hair. Using a latch hook or crochet hook, the hair (in the form of loose bulk) is then attached. Parts of the hair extensions are grabbed by the hook and pulled through the underside of each cornrow, working from the front of the hair to the back at a 90 degree angle.

We think that there are a 5 main differences - maybe even benefits - to crochet braids versus extensions.

SPEED. Our Crochet Braid service is scheduled for 2.5 hours. Additional time can be added based on specific styling requests. But on average, we complete our crochet braids about 90 minutes faster than our average extension service.

PRICE. Our service starts at just $175.

VERSATILITY. You have the flexibility to have different styles - immediately (unlike individual braids or twists, where you sometimes need to wait for a few days styling into a ponytail or bun). Ask your stylist for style recommendations post-installation so that you can get the most out of your crochet braids.

TENSION ON EDGES. A great part of crochet braiding is that there is very little to no tension on the edges. We've seen many clients come into our salon for the first time with tension alopecia from improperly installed extensions from other places.

CONVENIENCE. Once you book your service online, Sr. Stylist Chi Lowe will contact you by phone and provide a consultation. In the consultation, you'll discuss your desired style, texture, and any other questions that you may have about your service. You will be directed as to what hair you should purchase prior to your service and where to buy it.


The Importance of a Consultation at Huetiful Salon

Sr. Stylist, Huetiful Salon (Chicago)

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Have you ever gone into a salon and walked straight to the shampoo bowl only to realize that your stylist  doesn’t really know your name, the purpose for your visit, or your hair concerns and retail needs and solutions? We know that it happens from time to time at Huetiful and we’re proactively working to eliminate that by elevating our service levels to that which you’d see at other professional service offices like a doctor or dentist.

Your hair care goals, challenges, and frustration should be established in the beginning of your service; during the consultation.

Here is how your consultation should go:

Step 1. You should expect a warm greeting an introduction of your stylist's name and the stylist should know your name. Eye contact, a smile and a handshake is appropriate for a first time greeting.

Step 2. To avoid confusion your stylist should be knowledgeable of the hair service you desire. If any doubt remains, you and your stylist should look at pictures to confirm if this is the look you are hoping to achieve and your stylist should help make the decision on if it is the best color, extension or hair styling option for you that day.

Step 3. There should be an agreement created between you and your stylist to confirm that this is the best style, color or extension option and that you will be able to maintain it at home. 

Step 4. During the service, your stylist should let you touch, feel and smell the products to help you understand how and why we use them during your service and what to expect when purchase the product for at home use. The price of the products should be discussed so there are no surprises during checkout.

Step 5. Beginning March 2017, your Huetiful stylist will provide you with a Prescription before the end of your service. The prescription will be based on your discussion during the service and will include service and product recommendations as well as our professional recommendation for when you should return for a service to help maintain your healthy hair care and styling goals. Like any good doctor and client relationship, following the prescription will lead to best results over time.
A basic consultation is free and part of every single service. We also have color consultations and extension consultations available that can be scheduled all by themselves and are approximately 15-20 minutes in duration. These can be scheduled separately or added onto an existing service to allow for additional time with your stylist.
Make certain that you and your stylists are on the same page by having a productive consultation before every service.



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