Benefits of Huetiful Crochet Braids vs. Extensions

We are excited to introduce our Huetiful Crochet Braid service to Huetiful Salon. For those not familiar with crochet braids, crochet braids are a hybrid of traditional braids. They're considered to be more similar to weaves. The natural hair is twisted, braided, or styled into cornrows before affixing the hair. Using a latch hook or crochet hook, the hair (in the form of loose bulk) is then attached. Parts of the hair extensions are grabbed by the hook and pulled through the underside of each cornrow, working from the front of the hair to the back at a 90 degree angle.

We think that there are a 5 main differences - maybe even benefits - to crochet braids versus extensions.

SPEED. Our Crochet Braid service is scheduled for 2.5 hours. Additional time can be added based on specific styling requests. But on average, we complete our crochet braids about 90 minutes faster than our average extension service.

PRICE. Our service starts at just $175.

VERSATILITY. You have the flexibility to have different styles - immediately (unlike individual braids or twists, where you sometimes need to wait for a few days styling into a ponytail or bun). Ask your stylist for style recommendations post-installation so that you can get the most out of your crochet braids.

TENSION ON EDGES. A great part of crochet braiding is that there is very little to no tension on the edges. We've seen many clients come into our salon for the first time with tension alopecia from improperly installed extensions from other places.

CONVENIENCE. Once you book your service online, Sr. Stylist Chi Lowe will contact you by phone and provide a consultation. In the consultation, you'll discuss your desired style, texture, and any other questions that you may have about your service. You will be directed as to what hair you should purchase prior to your service and where to buy it.