How untrimmed ends affect your hair styling

WRITTEN BY Crystal Boateng
Sr. Stylist, Huetiful Salon (Chicago)
Instagram: @crystal_huetiful


Failure to keep your ends clipped affects the detangling of your hair, the finish of your blowout and the finish of your silk press. I find that when clients refuse to clip their ends, their style is not full of life, bouncy, silky, etc. In order to achieve these things, properly clipping or trimming should be a huge part of a successful hairstyle. Example of split ends; frayed denim jeans, unmanicured nails, splintered wood, these images are what split ends look like.

20170227_120911          20170227_122655
        DAMAGED, SPLIT ENDS                         HEALTHY TRIMMED HAIR

When your ends need to be trimmed this slows down your detangling process big time. Fortunately clipping your ends is free with every service at Huetiful Salon because we care about you clipping your ends and not having to worry about paying for an extra service. Huetiful Salon charges a 25 detangling fee for seriously tangled hair regular trimming can help you avoid this service fee.

When ends need to be trimmed your hair never silks. It looks swollen or your have "flyaway" hair strands that look frizzy. 

Book a healthy hair consultation (just $15) with me or our talented stylists and let's address those split ends. We like to take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. So, we can make product and service recommendations that will PREVENT split ends from happening; not just MAINTAINING once they do split.