How do I book an appointment?

You can booked your appointment online at www.huetifulsalon.com/services; or through our mobile app Huetiful Salon available on Android and iPhone or by calling 866-708-7015.

What are the different service and price levels (Associate/Bronze, Silver, etc.)?

We have four different service and price levels, for most of our services, based on the experience and demand of the Huetiful Stylist. If you're having difficulty finding your stylist, you might be searching in the incorrect service level. 

Associate (Bronze) Level - This is our lowest priced level and features licensed and certified Huetiful stylists that have typically been with our company for less than a year. All of our associate level services are provided by stylists who have passed our technical service exam with live models. In addition, they've all had over 40 additional hours of specified training by either our Director of Education or a Site Lead Stylist. For a good service experience at our lowest price, look at this category when looking for a specific style. 

Sr. Stylist (Silver) Level - This is our best value and combines a lower price with our experienced Sr. Stylists. Silver Level is our everyday pricing for our Sr. Stylists and you can find these services in every category like Care + Straight Styles, Care + Curly Styles, Loc Maintenance, Color and Haircuts. 

Premium (Gold) Level - This level is where are high demand / highly experienced stylists provide service. Services at this level are typically offered by stylists who are highly sought after and respected as experts by their peers at Huetiful and across the country. A stylist must be consistently booked 90% of the time and have performed over 500 services at Huetiful Salon before they're able to offer services at this level. 

Advanced (Platinum) Level - This is our highest level. You will find our Master Stylists, Director of Education (Nina), and the very best at Huetiful at this price level. 

What’s included in a curly or straight service?

Our curly and straight services start with a shampoo, deep condition with a 20 minute steam treatment before going into styling as well as your complimentary trim. A trim is an inch of less.

How do I directly log into my MINDBODY profile?

If you already have an account with Huetiful, you can click on this link or you can go to mindbodyonline.com and search for "Huetiful Salon Chicago". 

Why do I have to leave my billing information?

As an appointment only salon your billing information confirms the reservation of your appointment. We do not double book our clients. We appreciate you and are respectful of your time. With your confirmed reservation you won’t have to stress about being in the salon for an extended amount of time.

Can I just get a cut or trim by itself?

Sanitation, cleansing, hydrating and strengthening your hair is extremely important to us and vital to healthy hair. We only trim or cut your hair after your full service.

What is your Detangling Fee?

Our appointment only, salon services and scheduling are based on the time that it should take to complete a service. When we aren't able to complete the service on time, due to excessively tangled hair or extremely dense hair, we will more than likely run over into the next appointment time. To help manage this more effectively, we charge a $15 fee for every additional 15 minutes required to detangle matted, excessively tangled hair.

Where can I see a stylist's portfolio?

You can view our stylist’s portfolio through our Instagram @huetifulsalon or @stylistname_huetiful (i.e. @brenda_huetiful)

I was 15 minutes late to my appointment, can I still get serviced?

We give all of our guest a 15 minute grace period to arrive to their reservation. If you have an unforeseen circumstance we highly encourage you to give us a call 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation. After your 15 minute grace period, we will have to reschedule your reservation so that we don’t inconvenience guest who are scheduled after your service.

What’s styles are included with the nano, color or devacut?

The nanoSmoothing treatment, color services and Deva cuts are fully packaged services. Which means the style has been added into your service. You do not have to book an additional service. With a nanoSmoothing treatment and color service you can choose from the following styles once you arrive:

•  Blowout/silk-press
• Large twist-in
• Large comb/finger coils
• Large bantu knots
• Wash & go

With a Devacut service you can choose the following styles once you arrive:

• Wash & go
• Large twist-in
• Large comb/finger coils
• Large bantu knots

How long is bra strap length for a blowout/silk press?

If you’re hair is passed your shoulder blades to your mid back your hair is considered “bra-strap” length.

What’s the cancellation/rescheduling policy?

Early Cancel: An early cancel is any cancellation (online or by phone) that occurs more than 24 hours prior to the start of your reservation. If you early cancel, you will not be charged.

Late Cancel: A late cancel is any cancellation (online or by phone) that occurs less than 24 hours prior to the start of your reservation. Late cancels will result in your credit card on your Huetiful account being charged 50% of the service you booked for.

No Show: A no show occurs if you do not cancel AND do not show up for your scheduled class. If you no show, you will be charged 50% of your service with the credit card that’s on your Huetiful account.

What’s an add-on service?

An add on service is an additional service to your main service you choose. It means you must have a main service in order to get the add-on.

The add-on services we have are:
•  Huetiful Haircut
•  Designer Cut
•  Toner
•  Colortini

For example if you want a silk-press with a bob cut, you would book for a blowout/silk-press with and a designer cut.

Can I get a sew-in with bundles I purchased prior to my appointment?

With our Huetiful extension service you’re required to purchase HuExtensions. Huetiful Hair Extensions are 100% natural, virgin hair curated by our Extension team.

Why do I have to wait 7 days to get my sew-in installed?

Before you arrive for your installation service we ask for 7 days to prepare your extensions. We prepare for your installation by cleansing and steaming your extensions prior to your appointment.